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Thanks for checking out Easystow Fenders®. Their primary purpose is as extra fenders when you need them, without taking up a lot of space when you don't. Use them against pilings, piers or in raft ups, Often times a couple of standard fenders are not enough, especially in rolling or stormy conditions and they're nice to have around when others don't.  They're easy to inflate and easy to store.

The unique design helps prevent them from rolling out of position and allows them to fold flat when not in use. All have multiple attachment points for different configurations. There are lots of models to fit your needs. Original heavy duty stands up to chafe and scrapping against pilings and concrete piers with the thickest reinforced material of any inflatable boat fender on the market. Standard duty fenders are lighter weight, easier to handle and come in a variety of colors. They're best suited for general docking, boat to boat rafting and weight conscious racers.

Our most popular and unique models are the extra long fenders.  Their length offers more security and range compared to standard sized fenders that often get pushed out of position, and  there is less guessing on the best place to hang them against pilings and boats. Yet they store in a small fraction of their inflated size. Customers also use them permanently mounted in slips and they're great as replacements for difficult to use and store fender boards. 

Extra long come in heavy and standard duty versions, in diameters of 6,8,10 and 12 inch. For the heavy duty, the attachment points are the same as the shorter models, 3 on each end. They can be positioned vertically and horizontally. The standard duty have multiple loops along one side only and are intended to be used horizontally. The extra loops make handling easier for one person, while offering multiple attachments.

All Easystow Fenders are double wall, the outer material takes the abuse, the urethane liner, now 10 mil thick holds the air, the seams RF welded for reliability. A great feature of the original Heavy Duty models is no longitudinal seam to catch or split. The polyester webbing used for attachment points is rated at 4,500 lbs to take plenty of chafe.

Valves, located at one end, are simple and secure. Most fenders up to 12" diameter take about one minute to inflate using any high volume pump designed for inflatable boats or beds. If needed we offer two sizes of double acting pumps.

Premium fleece covers are also available for most sizes.

Add to that a 60 day full refund less shipping if your not totally happy, along with a lifetime warranty against defects, and we hope we've developed a fender you can trust. Practical Sailor even rated the HD models with a "Best Choice" award.


On dock, 1 inflated, 1 deflated

Vertical on side of boat

10x60 Fender

1060 Fender Folded