Inflatable Boat Fenders
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Heavy Duty Models

Heavy duty models are the original Easystow Fenders® and have proven themselves since 2001. They have been around the world multiple times, survived all kinds of weather and found some very unique uses. Apparently seals like them too.



The most unique feature of the heavy duty fenders is the material is actually a one piece extruded tube. The fiber reinforcement in the material is continuous for greater strength and there is no longitudinal seam to catch or split like other fabricated fenders. Customers also report the thick material is softer then most fenders so they're easier on boat topsides. Because the material is reinforced, they don't balloon like cheap fenders. For storage, they lay flat, folded or rolled.

Each end has 3 attachment points for hanging vertically or horizontally. Fenders can also be tied together using the side loops to create a more stable cushion and help hold position. One customer reported using this method in New York harbor during hurricane Isabel in 2003.

How tough are they? Another customer used a FH1244 to lift his generator to replace worn motor mounts. There was no way to lift the generator from above and a standard jack wouldn't fit under it.

HD Fenders

Used as fender jack

They're also tough enough for an SUV:

Jeep rolls over fender

And a dump truck:

Dump truck rolls fender

10x36 Horizontal

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