Inflatable Boat Fenders
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Standard Duty Models

For a lot of boaters, the heavy duty versions are more fender then needed for general docking and rafting. The standard duty version meets that need. They're easier to handle, lighter weight and lower priced. Color choices of black, blue, red and green also allow better matching of boats and styles. Customers often get the fleece covers for added protection and good looks.

The basic material is reinforced vinyl, same as used on the standard duty extra long models. Used in commercial industry and designed for outside use, it stands the test of time and being reinforced makes it harder to puncture and wear through. The air bladder inside, RF welded from 10 mil urethane, adds another layer of protection. We try to include a sample of the urethane in every order.

Each end has three webbing loops for easy attachment hanging the fenders either vertically or horizontally. The 4500 lb webbing is overkill so it can take lots of chafe. Although most customers attach fenders with line, the webbing can also be screwed through for more permanent mounting to docks or posts. The side loops can also be used to connect multiple fenders for a larger cushion.

Valves, located at one end, are simple to use open tubes. Once the fender is inflated, simply fold over and tuck under the cover. Much like putting a kink in a water hose but the tubing is designed for constant flexing. Any high volume air pump with adaptors will fill the fenders in about a minute depending on size.

Fleece covers are available in blue and black. They have a nice soft feel, look good and wrap around the fender using Velcro, so they're easy to put on and take off. 

How tough are Easystow standard fenders? Tough enough to be warranted against manufacturers defects for as long as you own them and tough enough to withstand close to 30 psi, and easily tough enough for an suv.