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                           Extra Long Boat Fenders

Easystow extra long fenders are proving to be our most popular. Their long length is useful in many situations, yet they're easy to store. They are available in the original heavy duty started in 2001, and in a newer standard duty version, designed for hanging horizontally, with easy handling and a lower price. The improved handling comes from a lighter weight and multiple attachment loops along one side, so they're easier to carry and particularly great for raft ups.

In many situations, having one long fender can be safer and easier to position than using smaller multiple ones. One example is as a replacement for fender board arrangements where a board is used horizontally to span several vertical fenders. The arrangement is not only difficult to store but the fenders can often work their way out of position. Extra long Easystow Fenders® are 5 feet long, fold up for easy storing, and reduce three or more components down to one. The design allows them to hang horizontally without rolling.

Another use is as dock and post fenders.  Used horizontally along docks makes docking in a slip safer and easier. As we all know, sometimes entering your slip doesn't go exactly as planned.  One customer, after the water level dropped, attached several fenders to 2x6s, then hung them into position, spanning the dock posts. Used vertically on a post their longer length can help cover tide ranges.

Attachment loops are polyester webbing rated at 4500 lbs for plenty of chafe resistance. The HD versions have 3 loops at each end, the standard duty has 4 loops along one side. They're easy to tie or hook to, but they can also be screwed through for more permanent attachments to wood docks.

Extra long fenders have even been used along gunwales of dinghies and row boats to provide added flotation and stability. All extra long fenders are 5 feet long. They're constructed the same as all Easystow  Fenders with a liner to hold the air inside fender material  to take the abuse. The material is reinforced so if you try to push in one area, another area can't over-expand like un-reinforced material would in such a long length. So they support more load. They can be pumped up firmer then standard fenders and will support more pressure.

Same as all Easystow Fenders, they have a 60 day full refund less shipping and are warranted against manufacturers defects for as long as you own them.




C&C121, 10"Dia.x60" lg fender

Fenders as slip bumpers